A Family Heritage

St. Cecilia Academy
On Wednesday, March 10, SCA junior Ari Ungurait (’22) received a surprise. 
As she walked up to the podium to receive her National Honor Society induction certificate, a small medal was placed on the palm of her hand. On the back of the medal she saw 3 sets of engraved initials and dates. Unbeknownst to Ari, the Ungurait family has a special tradition that dates back multiple generations. Ari’s grandfather was the first family member to be inducted into the National Honor Society; at that induction, he received this medal with his initials and date of induction. Next, Ari’s grandmother’s initials and date were added. As the years went on, Ari’s father was then added. Now, Ari is next. As the fourth family member and third generation of the Ungurait family to receive this honor, Ari says that this medal represents “a shared accomplishment.” Ari did not know about this special family tradition until the day it was placed in her hand. Ari says that this medal represents her strong family ties and “shows that we achieved this great honor together and [that] we are proud of it.”