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As the new school year begins, so does a refreshed music lessons program!  We will now be under the St. Cecilia Academy name, and lessons will take place in the newly-renovated studios in the music wing of our school.  The St. Cecilia Academy Conservatory of Music will be up and running by the second week of school, and registrations will begin now!
This Conservatory of Music newsletter will be published on a regular basis to update you about new instructors, student and faculty recitals, and musical events in the Nashville area that would be enriching to all of us. 
On the following pages, you will find the faculty and instrument lessons that we will offer at this time, as well as a link to registration!  We will be hiring more teachers and brainstorming new ideas for our catalog. Of special interest is the brand new class, Recording Studio Techniques, to be taught by Mrs. Antonia Ferguson! This new group class for high school students is for those interested in recording piano, voice, and instrumental music, either their own performances or for music business and home studios. Other group classes (brass, ukulele, guitar, violin) will be offered as well as private lessons in all areas. 
Please be in touch with any questions you may have!
Stephanie Hahn Nolan , Director
The St. Cecilia Academy Conservatory of Music continues a long tradition of excellence in music under the patronage of Saint Cecilia herself, the patroness of music. Our Conservatory of Music studios are open to elementary and high school students from across the Dominican campus and surrounding areas. Our commitment to all students and families is to provide excellent training by highly competent musicians and instructors who have studied and performed with their own instruments for decades! In addition, each teacher has pursued continuing education in the best pedagogical practices from around the world and across the centuries.
The practice of music adds joy to life, and many formal studies have shown that the study of music engages the whole brain and body while building individual confidence, personal discipline, and patience.
At SCA, we believe that each of us was born to make music! Psalm 98: 1-7  (excerpts) “Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things… Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music; make music to the Lord with the harp, and the sound of singing, with trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn.” Though we do not at this time have any ram’s horn instructors, we as faculty, make the following commitments:
  •  To provide a joyful experience in the learning process
  •  To foster mutual respect between teachers and students
  •  To  continue our own adult learning and become ever more proficient and effective teachers
All styles—Classical, Pop, Broadway, Jazz, Liturgical, and more—will be taught in the Conservatory, with the permission of each instructor and in keeping with good pedagogical practice for each student regarding age and personal progress. 

Class Descriptions & Pricing

30 minutes x 15 lessons = $565
45 minutes x 15 lessons = $745
60 minutes group lessons x 15 lessons = $465
Violin: (Levels determined by instructor)
Beginner - 30 minutes/30 minute group x 15 lessons = $675
Intermediate - 30 minutes/45 minute group x 15 lessons = $740
Advanced - 45 minutes/60 minute group x 15 lessons = $870

First semester registration closes at 3 PM on Friday, August 27.
Second semester registration will open in November.

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  • Brass

    Private Lessons
    Group Class
  • Cello

    Private Lessons
  • Organ

    High School Private Lessons, Beginners/Intermediate

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