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    Released her debut single, “Ending of a First Love,” on Oct 28th,  on all platforms.

    Katie Wells Price OS’ 96 SCA ‘00 was on Talk of the Town and News Channel 5 discussing both of her books. Katie is the author of two children’s books. In both of them, Katie shares her real-life experiences. She hopes that sharing her triumphs will encourage those with disabilities who have a dream of doing something on an elite level that anything is possible. The message in these books is an important one: the journey may be long, but - with courage and a Mom who never loses hope - Katie learns not to be limited by having one arm but, rather, to be empowered. I Can Still Do Everything with One Arm shows how Katie became a Paralympic champion swimmer, despite being told by her first swimming instructor that she would never swim. Her second book, I Can Still Work at the White House with One Arm, explores her working at the White House and living in our nation’s capital. Katie hopes to help as many parents and children - and anyone who needs encouragement as possible, so please spread the word about these books! Both books are available on Amazon.

    Maddie is enrolled in an Officer Candidate Program in the United States Marine Corps, and will be commissioned a second lieutenant in November! Following immediately will be a 6 month basic training course, then Flight School.

    Michelle is the new Director of Operations and leading DEI efforts for
    Music City Baseball.

    Ashleigh has been teaching abroad for the past 12 years. She started in Korea in 2010 and then taught in Vietnam and Russia. She has been in Kuwait for the past seven years, teaching first and second-grade Kuwaiti children. She has loved living abroad, especially in the Middle East.

    In March 2022, Rita Gene (Genie) Dunn Kastrup ‘92 was sworn in as the first woman President of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Local 1, which represents 50,000 property service workers in six states and 11 cities across the Midwest. Genie has been serving as executive vice president of the SEIU, and for the last 15 years, has played an instrumental role in framing the union’s political strategy. She has also served as one of the managers of relationships on behalf of the union with elected officials and government administrators. Genie is married to Scott Kastrup and lives in Evanston, Illinois, with their 8-year-old daughter, Amelia.

    Liz took a new position as Business Development Manager with Wipfli, one of the top 20 accounting and business consulting firms in the nation. In her role, Liz will lead Wipfli's growth in Washington DC, specifically focusing on partnering with nonprofits, including associations, foundations, and community-based organizations, on supporting them in creating a lasting, positive impact. Liz has lived and worked in Washington, DC, for over 10 years and has expertise in the nonprofit sector, providing management consulting, board training, resource development, and fundraising. She is a graduate of the University of Alabama and has been active in her community, including as a member of the Association for Fundraising Professionals in DC.

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    Chloe passed her board certification exam in fall 2021 and is now a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS). She works at Cookeville Regional Medical Center as a clinical specialist pharmacist
    with a focus on cardiology and critical care.

    Last year, Ellie was named a Fullbright Scholar, and this year has been studying middle leadership in schools at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Ellie is the daughter of Fran Coode Walsh '77 and granddaughter of the late Mildred Sharp Coode '42.

    On May 28, 2021, Heather Honeycutt was one of 12 inaugural inductees into the new Forensics Hall of Fame for the Nashville
    Catholic Middle School Forensics League. Heather competed in Forensics at both Overbrook and St. Cecilia. Her husband and children were in attendance

    For the first time in Rhodes history, a father-daughter duo are sitting members of the college's Board of Trustees! Ryan Mire '93 and his daughter, Mallory Mire '23, made history following Mallory's admission to the board as a student trustee. 

    Miranda recently started a new job with Calvert Street Group as their Senior Campaign Manager. Calvert Street Group is a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in local land-use campaign strategies. She will be managing Calvert Street Group's Nashville-based projects portfolio and interfacing with Metro Council Members.

    Our newest veterinarian at Hillsboro Animal hospital, Dr. Nicky Guglielmi! Dr. Guglielmi graduated from the University of Tennessee with her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. She lives in Nashville with her two fur-friends, Baldo and Bibby. Dr.


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    and Adams Robertson were married on September 25, 2021 at St. Henry Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Their wedding party consisted of Mary Ruth Peffen Geny, Anne Clair Hamilton Hoffman, Elizabeth Geny, Denise Volz, Sally Davis, Jessica Volz Leslie Volz Robertson, Norma Trauernich Volz, Julia Moore Hall, Karen T Sadler, Monice Hostettler, and Kay Gallagher.

    married Patrick Rutherford from the Shetland Islands, Scotland at St. Mary of the Seven Sorrows in Nashville on October 9, 2020. Since Patrick's family could not travel from Scotland due to Covid restrictions, Cecilia's eight brothers provided music for Mass and even gave the best man toast at the reception.

    married Guy Wilson on June 27, 2020 at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Nashville, TN. Elizabeth’s sister, Kate Sullivan ’19, was her Maid of Honor.

    and Sergeant Antoine Maghamez were married on September 5, 2021 at Front Porch Farms in Ashland City, Tennessee.

    married Pat Price on March 20, 2021 at St. Henry Church in Nashville, TN.



Honoring the memory of alumnae and their family members who have recently passed away.

January 24 - Mary Frances Mannion Johnson, Class of 1948. Mother of Sharon Johnson Hutchens '72, Sister of Sue Ann Mannion Simpson '36
December 23 - Key Englert Kaufman, Class of 1983. Sister of Dawn Englert Keith '83
December 17 - Kathryn Lynn Tupper, Class of 1963
December 6 - Glenda Potter Daniel, Class of 1957
October 9 - Rosa Zanini Punaro, Class of 1944
October 5 - Caroline E. Williams, Class of 1973
September 26 - Pam Parsons Harmon-Baker, Class of 1981. Sister of Kim Parsons Borum '78 and Jill Parsons Owen '79/ Aunt of Rachel Parsons '15, and Catherine Parsons '19.
June 18 - Judith Manuszak Smith, Class of 1965. Sister of Peggy Manuszak Buchanan '70, Mary Manuszak Richardson '80.
June 6 - Susan Orr Gracey, Class of 1971
April 19 - Rebecka "Becky" Vaughn Lambert '54. Sister of Sister Andrea Vaughn D.C. '39, Addie Mae Vaughn Curley '41, Lucille Vaughn Poyner '48 and Ted Vaughn Franklin '51. Aunt to Emily Pyner Vance '81 and Great-Aunt of Emma Lambert '13
January 30 - Joan Fey Colorigh '51
January 17, 2022 - Luann Daugherty Pratka, Class of 1971, sister of Marie Daugherty Bishop '73
January 1, 2022 - Veronica Strobel-Seigenthaler, Class of 1957, daughter of Mary Catherine Strobel '33, mother of Katherine Seigenthaler Hayes '80, Beth Seigenthaler Courtney '81, Amy Seigenthaler Pierce '84, Maria Seigenthaler Roses '86, Sister of Alice Strobel Eadler '67, Aunt of Mary Helen Murphy Clark '72, Brigid Murphy Stewart '83, Margaret Strobel Pyburn '93, Great-Aunt Catherine Bohren '18, Mary Catherine Pyburn '19, Amelia Pyburn '23