Ways to Give

St. Cecilia Academy greatly appreciates your financial support which helps us continue our mission of providing an atmosphere in which young women can develop their fullest potential in all areas of life. Gifts to the school may be made in a variety of ways: through a gift of cash, by check or credit card, by transfer of securities, or through a bequest or charitable trust, to name a few.

For more information on making a gift, simply click on the type of gift in the following list or call the Development Office at 615.383.3230.

St. Cecilia Academy’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30. SCA is recognized as an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Contributions to the school are tax deductible upon compliance with the Internal Revenue Code.
Click on the types of gifts below to learn more about different giving options.

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  • Cash or Check

    Unrestricted cash gifts are the most popular way to support the St. Cecilia Academy mission. Gifts may be made in a single contribution or pledged and paid in installments. All Annual Fund pledges should be paid by June 30 of each year. You can make a cash gift online or mail a check.

    Please make your check payable to St. Cecilia Academy and send to:

    St. Cecilia Academy
    Development Office
    4210 Harding Pike
    Nashville, TN 37205

    If a letter or reply card is not sent with your check, please indicate where the gift should be directed (i.e. Annual Fund, in memory of XX) in the memo line.
  • Online or Credit Card

    Donating to SCA online is quick, easy and secure. You can make an online gift with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card.

    Select “recurring gift” as your gift type to schedule automatic charges to your credit card each month throughout the year.

    You can also give your credit card information by phone at 615.383.3230.

    Give Now.
  • Endowment

    An endowment is a group of funds set aside permanently so that only a portion of the earnings is used on an annual basis. An endowed gift is one in which the original principal in never touched, and only a small percentage of the earnings are used for annual operating expenses or for the purpose the donor has specified, such as scholarships. St. Cecilia’s endowment has both general endowment and specific named scholarship funds.

    An endowed gift is a gift that keeps on giving. The gift exists in perpetuity - it is the future of St. Cecilia Academy and our students. As the funds’ principals continue to grow, so does the amount available to be awarded to students and offset operating costs.

    Endowment funds can provide a reliable and flexible revenue stream. They link past, present, and future generations to St. Cecilia’s educational mission. A strong endowment assures long-term sustainability and stability for SCA. They help us provide scholarships and tuition assistance to qualified students who could not otherwise afford a top-notch college preparatory education.

    Click here to see a current list of scholarships. 
  • Annual Fund

    The Annual Fund is the foundation of St. Cecilia Academy's development program and is the most important source of unrestricted funds available to the school. Each year, Annual Fund contributions provide necessary funds to the school’s general operating budget to help offset expenses not covered by tuition.

    Every year, generous friends of St. Cecilia help cover the gap between tuition and the actual overall cost of educating a student.

    We have two goals with the Annual Fund:
    • To provide ongoing financial support that helps St. Cecilia Academy attract and retain the best teachers, update our facilities, and sustain an enriching and high-quality academic experience for our students.
    • To fund new yearly opportunities that enhance the St. Cecilia Academy student experience, including funding for new technology, teacher professional development, and special activity programming.
    • The dollars raised go directly into the budget to impact every student. They support all areas of school life and are used the same year they are received.
    The goal for the Annual Fund, which runs from July 1, 2019, to June 30, 2020, is $300,000.

    Donations to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible, and can be paid by cash, check, credit card or through stock transfers. Pledges are accepted and can be paid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual installments.

    Every gift counts – gifts of all sizes are welcome. Each gift, regardless of size, strengthens the school’s participation rate and demonstrates a vote of confidence in a St. Cecilia education.

    If you have any questions, please contact Sister Anne Catherine, O.P., Director of Advancement at or call 615.383.3230 ext 409.
  • Pledges

    You can make a pledge online by selecting “pledge” as your gift type.

    Payment schedules can be arranged for your convenience whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. We will remind you of your pledge as you indicate.

    If you prefer, you can download a Donor Letter of Intent and mail to SCA Development, 4210 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205.

    All Annual Fund pledges must be paid by June 30 each year.
  • Memorial and Tribute Gifts

    Memorial and tribute gifts support annual giving unless otherwise designated. They are a wonderful way of memorializing or honoring a friend or loved one. You can donate online or by mail – SCA Advancement, 4210 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205.

    A card is sent to the family of the deceased or honored individual acknowledging the gift.
  • Matching Gifts

    A matching gift is an employer-sponsored program to encourage philanthropy among company employees in support of their chosen charity or organization. The matching gift program enables many donors to increase the impact of their contributions as many companies will match dollar for dollar, and some will double or triple match employee gifts.

    Your human resources representative can tell you if your company has a matching gift program and can provide you with the necessary information for you to inform the school. For more information, please call the Development Office at 615.383.3230.
  • Stock and Securities

    A gift of stock can also be donated to St. Cecilia Academy. To donate stock, please notify the St. Cecilia Academy Advancement Office at 615.383.3230, advising of the name of the stock, the number of shares, and any and all restrictions that apply to the use of the proceeds. Contacting the Advancement Office first helps us track your gift in a timely manner and ensure you receive the proper credit for your gift. Our policy is to liquidate a gift of securities as soon as the stock transfer occurs.

    Please specify the name of the security and the number of shares you are donating.  Please instruct your broker to transfer the shares to:

    Morgan Stanley
    Attn: Chris Long
    Phone: (615) 269-2455
    Account Number: 471-106400-206
    DTC #0015
    Account Name: The Dominican Campus
    Account Address:  4210 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN  37205
    Contact Information:
    Sharon Huber
    Office of Advancement
    4210 Harding Pike
    Nashville, TN  37205

    You can also print the donor letter of stock transfer, complete the form and either mail it to SCA Advancement, 4210 Harding Pike, Nashville, TN 37205 or fax it to the Development Office at 615.383.3230.