Why All Girls?

She belongs.

She is encouraged to ask questions and to understand 'why.'  

She is not afraid to grapple with life's big questions. 

An all-girls environment provides young women with countless opportunities to be inspired, to achieve both academically and in extracurriculars, to be challenged and to take risks in the classroom, on the stage, and on the athletic field.

Many of the earliest and finest schools for young women in the United States were Catholic institutions founded by religious sisters. There’s something special about schools that are founded by women, for women. All-girls schools are places where young women can develop their intellects through learning and their hearts through growth in virtue and true friendship with other girls.

St. John Paul II often spoke about the “genius” of women and their special God-given ability to bring love, inner strength, and humanity into a world that often objectifies people and doesn’t value them for who they really are. At St. Cecilia Academy, young women are taught that they possess an inherent God-given dignity simply by nature of the fact that they exist. Each girl also discovers that she has been given unique gifts that she is called to share with the world. Educated in an environment that is tailored 100% to the way girls learn best, the young women of SCA grow in confidence by taking risks and trying new things. They learn leadership and strong character through authentic self-knowledge rooted in a supportive community atmosphere
The world doesn’t need what women have, it needs what women are. -St. Edith Stein 

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  • Admissions WAG 1

    All-Girl graduates are 6 times more likely to pursue STEM Majors

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    87% of all-girls students say their opinion is respected versus 58% of coed students

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    96% of single-sex students said they receive more feedback on their course work

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    80% of all-girl students held leadership positions after graduating

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    99% of SCA’s class of 2019 went on to attend 4-year schools. The remaining are doing gap years or internships.

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    2/3 of all-girls students report that they expect to earn graduate or professional degrees

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    60% of single-sex graduates report higher self-esteem compared to their coed peers

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    45% of all-girl students rated their public speaking skill as high, and 64% rated their writing skill as high