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Dance Academy

St. Cecilia Academy is launching an after-school Dance Academy (SCDA) for girls ages 3-14. St. Cecilia Dance Academy will provide budding dancers in the Nashville area with excellent training in the techniques, communication, and artistry of dance.  Through their introduction to and immersion in the universal language of dance, girls will learn to express their God-given beauty and dignity through their growing bodies. Dance also helps students grow in important virtues like discipline, grace, perseverance, healthy self-expression, resilience, critical thinking, a broad sense of musicality, and collaboration skills that are crucial for a life well-lived.  Most importantly, the fine arts—and dance in a very particular way—open young people up to all that is good, true, and beautiful as they use their bodies, their minds, and their talents to glorify God.

Program & Performances

St. Cecilia Dance Academy will offer after-school and Saturday classes during the school year in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre dance, tumbling, contemporary, and hip hop for girls 3 years old through 8th grade. 
SCDA is designed to serve students who enjoy dance and wish to improve their technique and artistry through excellent training. It is not a competition studio, although girls in the SCDA will participate in an annual performance in tandem with the St. Cecilia Academy Dance Company’s student-choreographed spring show in April.
In addition, parents and guardians will be invited to “Visitors’ Week” at the end of each semester. Observers will be able to see what their dancers do in a typical class.

SCDA Location

St. Cecilia Dance Academy classes are located in the beautiful and spacious SCA dance studio completed in 2019. The St. Cecilia Fine Arts Center has an outside entrance easily accessible for parent pick-up and drop-off.

Summer Workshops

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  • Dance Workshops

    July 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28

    4:30 - 5:15 PMCreative Movement2-4Maddie Williams
    5:15 - 6:15 PMBallet7-13Maddie Williams
    6:15 - 7:15 PMOpen Level Musical Theater Dance7-13Maddie Williams

    4:30 - 5:30 PMCombo Tap/Ballet3-6Maddie Williams
    5:30 - 6:30 PMCombo Jazz/Hip Hop5-6Maddie Williams
    6:30 - 7:30 PMOpen Level Hip Hop7-13Maddie Williams

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  • Fitness Workshops

    Tuesday evenings: July 6, 13, 27
    Wednesday mornings:  July 7, 14, 28

    Tuesday 7:15 - 8 PMFitnessAdults (16 and up)Margy Galassini
    Wednesday 6-7 AMFitnessAdults (16 and up)Margy Galassini

Summer Class Descriptions

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  • Creative Movement

    Age: 2-4
    :  Tiny dancers will love this class aimed at engaging their bodies, hearts, and minds in movement.  Through introduction to basic ballet vocabulary, exercises to explore creativity, and activities to stimulate imagination, students develop musicality, coordination, artistry, social skills, and self-expression.
    Attire: a basic leotard, pink ballet shoes, and white socks; ballet skirts are acceptable; hair secured away from the face
  • Ballet

    Age: 7-13
    :  Students will learn the fundamentals of ballet in this beginning-intermediate class.  Dancers focus on proper alignment, learning vocabulary, gaining strength and flexibility, developing coordination and balance, musicality, artistry, and grace.  
    Attire:  a basic leotard, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes; ballet skirts are acceptable; hair secured away from the face in a bun
  • Open Level Music Theater Dance

    Age: 7-13
    :  Each dancer will shine in her own spotlight in this high-energy class focused on style and story-telling through dance.  Though an understanding of basic dance vocabulary is preferred, students of all levels will be able to safely access the movement.  Students’ Broadway dreams will come alive as they dance, developing acting and performance skills, classical vocabulary, fine points of style, and musicality. 
    Attire:  a basic leotard; black jazz pants or leggings; flesh tone jazz shoes; hair secured away from the face
  • Combo Tap/Ballet

    Age: 3-6
    :  Students will delight in movement and music as they learn the basics of ballet and tap.  In the first half-hour devoted to ballet, students will grow in strength and grace as they learn classical ballet techniques, discipline, coordination, and artistry.  In the second half-hour, students will develop the skills of musicality, rhythm, and showmanship in their energetic study of American tap dance.
    Attire:  a basic leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes; ballet skirt is acceptable for ballet; jazz pants or leggings are acceptable for tap; hair secured away from the face in a bun

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  • Combo Jazz/Hip Hop

    Age: 5-6
    In this upbeat class environment, students will learn the fundamentals of jazz technique and hip-hop style.  Students will develop physical skills while improving coordination, strength, agility, and understanding of music.  Dancers won’t want to miss their chance to learn these popular forms of dance in a safe and age-appropriate environment!
    Attire:  a basic leotard or athletic shirt; black jazz pants or leggings; flesh tone jazz shoes (optional for hip hop: tennis shoes you wear only in the dance studio); hair secured away from the face
  • Open Level Hip Hop

    Age: 7-13
    :  Students will be energized and excited to learn the fundamentals of different styles of hip hop in this high-energy class.  Dancers will develop strength, coordination, style, and positive body image in this encouraging and fun environment.
    Attire:  a basic and modest dance or athletic top you can move in (no crop tops); black jazz pants or leggings; flesh tone jazz shoes or tennis shoes you wear only in the dance studio; hair secured away from the face
  • Dance Attire

    Dance attire and shoes may be purchased at:
    Spell’s Dancewear, Academy Sports, Target, Payless
    Discount Dance Supply and Amazon (online)
  • Fitness

    Age: 16+
    :  Enjoy a full-body workout incorporating low impact, high-intensity movements to increase cardiovascular endurance.  Exercises include those aimed at strength and conditioning using light weights and body resistance, as well as stretches to improve flexibility.
    Attire: athletic clothes


Our instructors are seasoned dance educators with specializations in various genres. They will lead classes in various dance techniques, with an excellent understanding of dance pedagogy and safe practices, as well as patience and an ability to communicate in an age-appropriate manner.