Principal's Welcome

Dear Friends,

Welcome to St. Cecilia Academy! As the oldest continually operating school in Nashville, St. Cecilia has a long history of providing excellent academic formation within a welcoming, Christ-centered environment. Owned and operated by the Dominican Sisters since 1860, St. Cecilia’s mission has always been the building up of strong young women. 

With God’s grace, we are building up these young women in every way—teaching them to build intellectual and moral virtues so that they can go forth to build a culture of hope marked by freedom and peace that will radiate out to the whole world.

St. Cecilia builds up young women intellectually through our rigorous academic program rooted in the liberal arts, developing strong skills in reading, writing, speaking, problem-solving, and critical thinking that are essential for any learner in the 21st century. At St. Cecilia, we see the ultimate goal of an education as veritas—truth. Inheriting a great intellectual tradition from the Catholic Church, especially from our brother St. Thomas Aquinas, Dominicans emphasize clarity in thinking and maintain confidence in the mind’s ability to know truth. While our students learn essential facts and formulas, the ultimate goal of their study is wisdom, a wisdom that gives them a foundation for life and for discerning what is most important.

As the only all-girls Catholic school in Nashville, St. Cecilia builds confidence in young women like none other. We know from experience what the research validates: that the all-girl environment at St. Cecilia provides the ideal climate for young women to achieve academic success, assume leadership experience, and discover their gifts and talents, precisely as women, in an atmosphere of friendship and respect. SCA is marked by a joyful and balanced community spirit, with lots of chances for girls to get involved in the many opportunities afforded them, from athletics to fine arts to the multiple clubs and activities. Getting involved and taking risks within a tight-knit, supportive family atmosphere foster bonds that often last a lifetime. As our alumnae say, once a St. Cecilia girl, always a St. Cecilia girl!

Finally, St. Cecilia builds strong women who are rooted in Christ. We offer opportunities to grow in friendship with Jesus, from prayer and the sacraments, to service trips and retreats. With this unshakable foundation, our graduates are prepared to be builders wherever they go: building a culture that is in keeping with the dignity of the human person, a culture in which people can truly flourish.

Enjoy our website, and we encourage you to visit us in person to experience the spirit of St. Cecilia!

God bless you,

Sister Anna Laura, O.P.
Principal, St. Cecilia Academy