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2024 St. Cecilia Girl

St. Cecilia Academy
The title of St. Cecilia Girl is the highest honor St. Cecilia Academy confers on a student. 
By a vote of the juniors and seniors, with faculty approval, a senior who best exemplifies the ideals of St. Cecilia Academy is chosen. The St. Cecilia Girl is also the recipient of the Lisa Elcan Bruner Memorial Scholarship. Lisa Elcan graduated from St. Cecilia in 1973, when she, too, was named St. Cecilia Girl. Lisa died in 1993, and her family began a scholarship fund in her honor because of Lisa’s love and dedication to St. Cecilia.
This year’s St. Cecilia Girl has been described as “disciplined,” “motivated,” and “dedicated.” Throughout her time at St. Cecilia Academy, she has applied herself to her studies with diligence and hard work, appearing on the All-Year Honor Roll. Additionally, she is a member of the National Honors Society.
In her studies, our St. Cecilia Girl excels, especially in Latin. She has served as the Treasurer and the Secretary for the Latin Club, helping to foster student appreciation for classical language and culture. Additionally, she is a talented visual artist, receiving the Student Collection Award for her painting “Lemons.” “Lemons” will be on display at Saint Cecilia for years to come, continuing our SCA Girl’s artistic legacy.

In addition to her scholastic prowess, her active involvement in student life, and her artistic excellence, our St. Cecilia Girl is also a champion rower, having participated in the Nashville Rowing Club for several years. Her gifts are especially evident in this sport, as it requires tremendous dedication to teamwork and collaboration. Our SCA Girl is a true team player, never seeking the spotlight for herself but always happy to work hard for the good of her team, her class, and her school. We are so proud of her and wish her all the best as she continues her adventures, studying and rowing at Columbia University.
Now it is my pleasure to present her to you as the 2024 St. Cecilia Girl and the recipient of the Lisa Elcan Bruner Scholarship Award,
Miss Kathryn Nell Miller