SCA Teacher of the Year: Sister John Catherine

St. Cecilia Academy
Sister John Catherine is an incredible educator who inspires her students to love learning.
She is a true team player who volunteers to assist wherever needed and is always willing to give a listening ear and sage advice. Sister John Catherine received a history and secondary education BA from Catholic University of America in Washington DC. Her undergraduate study focused on medieval Europe, and she wrote her thesis on St. Catherine of Siena. She received her Master’s degree in United States History from the University of Tennessee. Then she was sent by the St. Cecilia Congregation to obtain a doctorate degree in history from UT as well. She also serves as religion department chair and as a sponsor of the Culture of Belonging Club; she is the most likely to share a great story from her childhood, where she was raised in Upstate New York as one of the 12 Kennedy children; and she makes sure her students know their geography.

Thank you, Sister John Catherine, for sharing your gifts with us at SCA!