SCA Model UN Awards and Recognition

St. Cecilia Academy
This St. Cecilia Academy had an excellent Model United Nations team.  Twenty-two young women from the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes came together to create seven different country delegations with one student acting as Secretary of Economic and Social Affairs.  
The delegations of Austria, Egypt, and the Czech Republic had a strong weekend, earning the opportunity to debate in Committee.  Austria and the Czech Republic also debated their resolutions before the Security Council.  Austria's resolution urging a re-examination of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in order to include new measures of cyber and online terrorism was passed by the Security Council.  Additionally, freshmen Hailey Wondem and Lily Faye Kraemer, as well as Sophomore, Abigail Smith received Outstanding Delegate Awards and are invited to an additional Showcase Debate on December 5, 2020.  The Egyptian delegation, Hailey Wondem, Lily Faye Kraemer, and Carly Cavanaugh, received an Outstanding Resolution Award for their resolution to eradicate Lymphatic Filariasis, a tropical disease that plagues millions of people around the world.  Finally, Anna Huber, class of 2022, was elected as one of the General Assembly Liaisons for next year’s conference.

Gussie Miller, class of 2021, on Secretariat 2020:
This year for Secretariat, we reviewed every resolution in the packet of resolutions and determined our favorite, most innovative resolutions, and crafted the Secretary General’s Packet. Then we wrote out our plan for this year’s crisis which is a mock international issue that threatens to upset world peace and that we present to the Security Council for them to solve. It was super fun thinking of ways to challenge them and we even made fake news broadcasts that were hilarious. Finally, this year we held two summits that were open to a few selected candidates to participate in and we crafted a new resolution to solve real-world problems. Summit 1 focused on the problem of mass incarceration around the world.  The second summit was tasked with redefining the term genocide as understood by the United Nations. Being a part of Secretariat was rewarding, and it was a great opportunity to see diplomacy in action!
Anna Huber, class of 2021, on General Assembly and going before Security Council:
In the General Assembly, each member nation of the United Nation is represented by a delegation of three to four students. Each delegation writes a resolution to address a problem that affects their country, which could be anything that the group deems important, whether it be water sanitation, military support, or fighting against climate change. Each delegation is sorted into different committees, in which their resolution is debated and can move on to a larger committee, and later to the entire General Assembly. I was a member of the Austrian delegation, and we sought to revise the current United Nations Counter-Terrorism Strategy. We moved past our initial committee into the next, but then we were called in to meet with the Security Council. The council asked us questions about our resolution and voted to pass it! I am grateful that Model UN was able to take place this year, and I think that, while it was online, we were still able to engage in debate and work together, which is what MUN is all about!
Adaeze Umeukeje, class of 2022, on Summit:
The Summit was definitely the highlight of my Model UN weekend. I was able to participate in creating a resolution on a topic of social justice that I'm very passionate about, mass incarceration: A Resolution to Encourage the Reform of National Drug Criminal Justice Systems through the Use of Reform Advisory Clinics. After creating this resolution with other members of the Summit, I had the opportunity to present it in the General Assembly where it was passed by fellow delegates of the United Nations! I would recommend Model UN to anyone that is interested in public affairs, world relations, and as well as global issues. It's a great thing to get involved in!