New Math Curiculum at SCA

St. Cecilia Academy
We are excited to launch our new math curriculum sequencing starting in the fall of 2021 for all incoming freshmen.
The change in sequencing will also allow us to send current underclassmen to AP Calculus AB instead of Pre-Calculus Honors. The current data of student performance in AP Calculus shows us that our teachers prepare students to excel in this course without the need for Pre-Calculus Honors. AP Calculus BC was offered for the first time in 2011-12. Over the years, the program has grown and last year, 42% of our seniors took AP Calculus (AB and BC) with an 88% passing rate. This passing rate was higher than the Tennessee average in both AB (28.8% higher) and BC (11.7% higher).  In addition, 16 students are enrolled in our new AP Statistics course—27% of our seniors are taking AP Statistics. This excellent programming benefits all students and for the top students who max out of all AP offerings by their senior year, we offer an online Multivariable Calculus and Differential Equations class.

As you can see, math at St. Cecilia Academy is already accelerated. To continue this high level of excellence, we are excited to announce our new Geometry First program for incoming freshmen in the fall of 2021 (class of 2025). As with our successful Physics First program, all incoming freshmen will also start math together in Geometry class. While offering the traditional Geometry curriculum, this course is designed specifically for St. Cecilia Academy and will incorporate Euclid’s Elements, giving students a strong foundation in deductive, inductive, and statistical reasoning. This timely shift is taking place in collaboration with our Science Department to ensure that students continue to receive the math foundation necessary to succeed in freshman physics. The introduction of Geometry First at St. Cecilia Academy is an opportunity to go deeper into the excellence of our Liberal Arts tradition, to form young women to think deeply and logically, and to prepare our students to grapple with the issues of our day.

We invite you to view this informational video and to contact our math department chair, Sr. Nicholas Marie (, with any questions