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Hallie Donnals ’22 Attends Virtual Governor’s School for the Arts
Governor's School for the Arts (GSFTA) is an intensive, three-week program in the summer that gives students a taste of college art courses. Hallie Donnals (’22) was introduced to the program by her art teacher, Mrs. Pike. Hallie applied because “I wanted to push myself and grow in a subject that I have always been passionate about.” Due to the covid-19 restrictions, GSFTA was virtual for this summer and the fees for attending were eliminated.
A typical day included the 9:30 a.m. – 11 a.m. introductory course that covered basic elements and principles of art as well as art history. After a break for lunch, Hallie and her virtual classmates then attended their studio classes that continue beyond the Monday-Friday curriculum and into Saturday. The program also allows for individual interests and Hallie noted that students then “choose two classes that we are interested in taking.” For her two studio courses, Hallie chose to take 'Beyond Drawing' and 'Photography'. Hallie remarked, “Both of my classes were equally challenging. However, I learned a lot about what colleges look for in portfolios and was presented with many questions that challenged me to critically think about my art and how I can improve.” This opportunity also helped Hallie to think about her future, which may include a career in graphic design. To those scarabs who may consider applying, Hallie says, “I would definitely recommend applying if you are someone who is serious about a future in art.”