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Olivia Zimberg (’21) Attends Virtual Governor’s School for Agricultural Sciences
Olivia Zimberg (’21) decided to apply to the highly selective Governor’s School for Agricultural Sciences because, as she says, “I wanted to gain a more in-depth understanding about what goes into the business side of agriculture.” Her favorite aspect thus far has been her agricultural business class where students explore “how almost every business is involved in agriculture in some way and the economics that revolve around it.” Although Olivia was disappointed that the program moved online this summer, she has been excited for the opportunity to connect with the other students from all around the state of Tennessee.
For Olivia, the shift to virtual learning was not completely new. She said she has learned how to receive the most benefit from virtual Governor’s School because of her online learning through St. Cecilia last spring. Her schedule with the program for Agricultural Sciences includes several online lectures and Zoom meetings with guest speakers and her classmates every week. In addition, she says that “on Tuesday and Thursday we watch lectures on certain parts of agriculture and get to see fun parts of Tennessee that we would've been traveling to if we were there.” While Olivia still hopes to visit the UT Martin campus in person, she thinks the overall virtual experience has been positive, noting, “It’s a great way to be in a fun environment to meet new people and learn new material while being able to gain college credit!”