SCA Giving Day

Giving Day was a huge success, topping last year’s amount raised! The ties that connect to SCA are strong, and thanks to your tremendous support, you are enhancing the SCA education for today’s St. Cecilia girls.  Every gift goes toward academic and student life programming and resources for our students and teachers in this academic year.  With the exciting announcement of SCA adding a 7th and 8th grade in 2022-23, we are making bold plans for the future!

Giving Day Donors

Thank you to our supporters!

Here is the 4:30 pm update!  So far, 297 gifts have been made, and we are approaching $100,000.  Let’s be ALL for the Girls and top $100,000 this evening!  We will continue processing gifts tonight and through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in order to share full totals next week.  Thank you for your incredible and generous show of support as SCA celebrated St. Cecilia Day.  Know of our prayers for you and your families.

Maureen Abbey 1977, Charlotte Blackwell Acuff 1990, Betty and Chuck Bader, Marida Millican Balch 1998, Anna Bellos 1989, Anne Love Brunette 1972, Mary Lynn Donnelly 1976, Lindsay Divine Elliott 1998, Megan Mahdavi and Amir Fahmi, Patti Fogarty 1969, Traci Gallivan 1981, Sidney Garmon 2004, Jeanne and Scott Jones, Stephanie Jones-Benton 2005, Kate Keene 2004, Mickey Koch Keith 1971, Maddie Keller 2015, Megan Kelly 2002, Siobhan and Ray Kennedy, Logan Key 2006, Dana Lee 2013, Marye Walker Lewis 1981, Rachael Porter Lodge 2005, Teresa and Michael Marchetti, Lynne Nourse Maynor 1980, Pam and Alan McMillen, Robyn and Michael Murphy, Mickey Sutherland Pennington 1965, Mary Connell Luton Pryor 2005, Sarah Graf Remke 1983, Eileen and Jeff Ricker, Mary and Richard Rodgers, Caity Shepherd 2006, Amy and Charlie Sheridan, Clare Sherlog 2013, Hayley Robinson Shovlin 2010, Jennifer Geny Slice 2005, Beckye Brackman Sprouse 1966, Alyson Mencio Stevens 2003, Emily Coakley Tucker 2004, Joanne Collins Walker 1952

2:30 p.m. Update: Gifts are coming in fast and furious! As of 2:30, we were at 238 total gifts. Class of 2005 is still in the lead overall with 25 individual gifts, although Class of 1970 is close behind. Class of 1971 still leading with top dollar amount at $7625!

Lauren Aid 2005, Nick Aieta, Jessica Aune 2003, Amy Baltz 1995, Anissa Bartels, Bridget Varley Bock 2007, Neily Todd Boyd 2005, Grace E. Brink 2014, Jenna and Cees Brinkman, Melody Clarke 2003, Delaney Damberg Clement 2003, Michelle and Jason Cohn, Cornelia E. Coode 1970, Mrs. Joyce I. Cook, Sarah Cragon 2008, Laura Black Crawford 1979, Nikki and John Crosslin, Christina and John Culpepper, Shayma and Adeeb Daniel, Kathy and Jim Deal, Katherine Higgins DeLay 1980, Deirdre Hudson Delisi 1990, Alexandra Brink Dickson 2011, Lindsay Hailey Elliott1998, Christy Glaser 1981, Jessica Donnelly Gorham 2003, Katherine Haltom 1970, Mary and Bill Hance, Cathye Adelman Hancock 1970, Elizabeth and Bill Hancock, Micki Phipps Harris 1993, Brooke Porter Hawkins 1993, Caroline Johnston James 2008, Clare Osborne Jones 2005, Schuyler Moore Lucio 2003, Jennifer Marchesi 1988, Clare Simpson Marchetti 2009, Cindy Freeland Martin 1970, Peggy DeFreece Miller 1979, Gina Morrissey Miller 1979, Linda and Jesse Moore, Meg Hailey Neeley 1983, Becky McCaffrey Page 1969, Laura Dray Pierce 1998, Angela Cooper Plasko 1990, Holly McCourt Poff 1990, Shirin and Emad Pulous, Rebekah Pykosh 2007, Collette Rodrigues, Christi Royer 1990, Emily Spalding Sandwith 2005, Ellen Sevier 1989, Rose and Steve Shipp, Claire Johnson Silberman 2015, Bridget Simpson 2012, Mary Jane Staed Smith 1971, Mary Lou Kaiser Spurlock 1967, Ramona Schnupp Steltemeier 1952, Leslie Coakley Thallemer 2003, Margaret Pickering Tidwell 1969, Susan Salmon Trotman 1979, Connie and Walter Vargas, Ashleigh Foster Ware 2001, Erin and Rick Whetsel, Christina Madden White 1988, Barbra Haltom Young 1971

8:30 a.m. Update - Giving Day is off to a robust start with 169 gifts so far! In Alumnae giving, the Class of 2005 has taken the lead with 25 gifts (35% of the class), and the Class of 1971 leads with an overall class giving of $7275. Keep it up!

Nell Schindler Ayers 1940, Frances "Sissy" Huggins Allen 1971, Jacqueline Allinder 2005, Diane Allison 1970, Peggy Andrews 1969, Rae Lee Rolin Anglin 1985, Jo Anne Bradley Atwood 1970, Nell Schindler Ayers 1940, Barbara Baker 1971, Amy Leggett Bass 1993, Denise Beaty 1980, Olga Beddingfield 1971, Mary Ann Bell 2010, Beth Cragon Beste 2007, Becky Phillips Bienen 2005, Clare Bracikowski Bogdanowicz 2005, Merrill and Robbie Bohren, Danielle Broadwater 1998, Katherine Carell Brown 1980, Anna Burnett 2005, Karen Cain 1970, Candy Cain 1971, Elizabeth Shea Campbell 1979, Heather DeGrella Campbell 1989, Myria Carpenter 1993, Caroline M. Chamberlain 2005, Consuelo Chavez, Wendy and Caesar Cirigliano, Cecil Billington Coleman 1969, Rachel Formosa Coleman 1993, Thais Coleman 2005, Elizabeth Seigenthaler Courtney 1981, Angela Birch Cox 1977, Valerie Spurlock Cox 1993, Pam Wilk Crichton 1968, Carroll Brunner Crosslin 1962, Barbara Patrick Crunk 2005, Jackie & James Curleigh, McColl Adelman Curtiss 2003, Mary Elizabeth McGinn Davis 2003, Mindy Eads Donnellan 2003, Rita Ann Donnelly 1979, Harold and Sunny Donnelly, Mary Jo Luster Dortch 1971, Donna Beazley Drinkwine 1971, Sheila Davis Duke 1971, Melissa Dunn 2000, Angela and Andy Dunn, Margaret Emsweller 1970, Stephanie and Dan Endom, Kate Evertsen, Emily Eyre 1979, Jeremy and Rebecca Finley, Melissa Forrester 1990, Jill and Andre Gaccetta, John and Margie Galassini, Kay Petre Gallagher 1976, Rosa Garcia, Morgan Leigh Garner 2005, Amanda Gaston 1996, Cissa Flanigen Glenn 1970, Jill Sappenfield Golczynski 1990, Nell Heflin Goza 2005, MIchele Irion Grabher 1969, Susan O. Gracey 1971, Angela Read Greek 1993, Wendy Doyle Griffin 1989, Michael Haddad, Mandy Hansen, Nancy Sanders Peterson Hearn 1951, Nancy Peterson Hearn 1951, Elizabeth N. Henard 2011, Danielle White Herndon 1998, Stefanie Lance Hertvik 1993, Scott Hertzog, Mary Chick Hill 1970, Eba Hobbs 1970, Francis Horn, Sharon and Jeff Huber, Tracey Humphreys, Peggy Hunt 1977, Valerie Johnston 1990, Cathy Jordan 1970, Mike and Kelly Keller, Erin Beaty Kelly 2008, Lindsay Wilson Landman 2005, Carol Black Lawrence 1974, Deborah Lederman, Susannah Quisling Longmuir 1992, Savannah Lyle 2013, Alicia Marchesi 1983, Leslie May 2006, Kelly Heinrich McBrayer 1985, Katherine Power McCrea 1974, Amelia McDaniel 1994, Marie McKirnan 1970, Lindsey Kerrigan Medina 2003, Gracie Guiffre Melrose 2005, Molly Miller 1971, Dale Baird Mitchell 1976, Mary Hancock Mitchell 2007, Liz Mizell 2005, Julia Morgan Montesi 2009, Sara Moore 2005, Cecilia Moore 2015, Ellie Walsh Moots 2008, Patty Morel 1974, Kathryn Mosley 1982, Lynn Hines Moss 1970, Marilyn Murray 1966, Colleen Murray 1970, Eliza Nagle 2010, Jessica R. Neal 2005, Mary Duncan Neely 1971, Elizabeth Litterer Nichols 1971, Anna Jirokovec Norton 2003, Donna Walker Olson 1989, Shannon Jankowski Parker 2005, Lee Anne Patterson 1979, Meaghan Patterson, Augie and Susan Perazzini, Elizabeth Carden Phillips 1986, Marianne Price 1970, Margaret Strobel Pyburn 1993, Kay Quinn 1971, Christina Papuchis Ramenofsky 2005, Victoria and Brad Regens, Maggie Reyland 2005, Alison Ames Rheaume 1965, Penny Templeton Richardson 1971, Jill Riss 2005, Claire Miller Robbins 1977, Jenny Robertson 1988, Becka Hill Rosenblatt 1989, Helen Adelman Roudi 2001, Molly McGrew Ryan 2005, Melanie Liebhart Sadler 1967, Karen Sadler 1969, Emily Spalding Sandwith 2005, Annette Sastry, Mary Del Scobey 1974, Catherine Norvell Sinks 2005, Claire Jorns Skalicky 2005, Kathy Warner Smith 1969, Doris Smith 1970, Stuart Kane Smothers 2005, Kitty Steffenhagen 1971, Jean Stout 1966, Sarah Brunette Strobel 2001, Melanie A. Strother 1970, Stephanie Sundock 1983, Thomas and Helen Talbot, Eliza Tarwater 2014, Susan Andrews Thompson 1974, Lynn Black Turner 1976, Dawn Ann Murphy Tynes 1979, Ginger Paris Van Sant 1974, Catherine Stuart Vrettos 1998, Fran Coode Walsh 1977, Diana Weisman, Jenny Holditch Wesson 1975, Tina Hostettler Whitley 1971, Kathy Fox Whitney 1982, Jessica Bowman Williams 2005, Michele Woolman Wilson 1989, Mary Brette Clippard Wylly 2005, Rebecca Nealy Yusko 2005, Rebecca Zimmerman 1978, Michael Ann Zinser 1988,

Did you give today?

Thank you for your gift! Please download one of the images below to place on social media and encourage your friends and family to give to SCA today!