SCA Giving Day

What ties you to St. Cecilia Academy? Consider all that you love about SCA and join alumnae, parents, grandparents, and friends in making a gift during Giving Day on November 22. This historic 162nd academic year is filled with hope and excitement with the new junior high program, renovated spaces, enhanced curriculum, thriving fine arts and athletics programs, and treasured SCA traditions. Gifts of all sizes are important and help continue SCA’s beautiful legacy of providing young women with academic and cultural formation in the art of living and in what it means to be a person created in the image and likeness of God. 

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Giving Day Donors

as of 7:30 pm
Class of 1951
Nancy Sanders Peterson
Class of 1952
Ramona Schnupp Steltemeier
Class of 1954
Emily Sanders Davis
Class of 1957
Laura Sanders Christy
Class of 1963
Mary Pickard-Hobbs
Class of 1965
Alison Ames Rheaume
Class of 1966
Lorelei Aden, Mary Prue Polk Alley, Patty Carroll Farmer, Marilyn Wannamaker Leathers, Marilyn Murray, Beckye Brackman Sprouse, Jean McCaffrey Stout, Barbara Brunette Trautman, Stephanie Amos Wegner, Holly Anderson Wilds, Donna Brown Woods, Patricia Woods
Class of 1967
Anne Wall Christeson, Karen Schultz Goodyear, Jane Grannis, Melanie Liebhart Sadler, Margaret Hoffman Skene, Mary Lou Kaiser Spurlock
Class of 1968
Sharon Wilson Murphy, Ginny Conners Ripley
Class of 1969
Bev Deal Ammarell, Peggy Andrews, Cecil Billington Coleman, Simone Irion, Pam Morrissey Kennedy, Jeanne Burd Marchetti, Michelene Piot McKinney, Becky McCaffrey Page, Johanna Choate Shadoin, Kathy Warner Smith
Class of 1970
Karen Cain, Trisha Bateman Fultz, Cissa Flanigen Glenn, Katie Haltom, Eba Catignani Hobbs, Lynn Hines Moss, Colleen Murray
Class of 1971
Candy Cain, Claudia Volz Kornmeyer, Mary Duncan Neely, Penny Templeton Richardson, Kitty Beavin Steffenhagen, Tina Hostettler Whitley, Barbra Haltom Young
Class of 1972
Anne Love Brunette, Malli Hart Richmond
Class of 1973
Sara Maddux Cheshire, Peggy Peffen Daniel, Margaret Simpson Dunning, Rebecca Horton
Class of 1974
Katherine Power McCrea, Ginger Paris Van Sant
Class of 1975
Kelly Davis Adelman
Class of 1976
Kay Petre Gallagher, Kay Petre Gallagher, Dale Baird Mitchell, Lisa McInturff Russell, Lynn Black Turner
Class of 1977
Martha Wright Davidson, Clokie Freeman Dixon, Norma Trauernicht Volz, Fran Coode Walsh, Nancy Johnson Worley
Class of 1978
Lisa Fridrich Grayson, Missy Yokom Koehn
Class of 1979
DeeDee Tate Bumpous, Elizabeth Shea Campbell, Lisa Maines Carter, Laura Black Crawford, Emily Eyre,
Leigh Glaser-Wolfson, Michelle Barr Haase, Laura Cullum Hood, Mary Lassing Kelley, Isabel Landeo Maxwell, Mary Elcan May, Gina Morrissey Miller, Peggy DeFreece Miller, Jill Parsons Owen, Lee Anne Patterson, Mary Randall, Lynn Williams Sawyer, Amy Witt Smith, Sheilah Smith, Dawn Ann Murphy Tynes, Lisa Weiland
Class of 1980
Denise Donnelly Beaty, Kathryn Carell Brown, Katherine Higgins DeLay, Martha Brothers Duff, Malorie Haines Herbert, Lynne Nourse Maynor, Liz Miller Piercy, Mary Manuszak Richardson
Class of 1981
Karyn Wimberly Altshuler, Traci Garner Gallivan, Joan Griggs Gehring, Christy Glaser
Class of 1982
Alicia Marchesi, Kathy Fox Whitney
Class of 1983
Meg Hailey Neeley, Stephanie Crews Sundock, Annamary Parker Walker, Monica Burns Warren
Class of 1985
Rae Lee Rolin Anglin, Jenny Byrnes Disser, Kelly Heinrich McBrayer, Kelly Brand Schoenholz, Ashley Gorham Thompson
Class of 1986
Kim Armbuster Davis, Lise Deschenes, Pily Buenahora Jenkins, Elizabeth Carden Phillips, Margaret Sutherland Wellborn
Class of 1988
Jennifer Marchesi, Marjorie Rice, Jenny Mondelli Robertson, Niki Suozzi, Christina Madden White, Michael Ann Zinser
Class of 1989
Lara Reeves Bills, Kara Devine Devening, Becka Hill Rosenblatt, Ellen Sevier
Class of 1990
Sarah Daddario, Deirdre Hudson Delisi, Missy Trushel Forrester, Jill Sappenfield Golczynski, Valerie Wilcox Johnston
Class of 1991
Dawn Curtis Hayes, Diane Lennon Meier
Class of 1992
Jessica Bogard Buenahora, Susannah Quisling Longmuir
Class of 1993
Rachel Formosa Coleman, Molly Kopansky Poss, Margaret Strobel Pyburn
Class of 1998
Marida Millican Balch, Leslie Wallace Congdon, Mary Kelly Ivanov Vicars, Catherine Stuart Vrettos
Class of 2000
Robyn Biga, Lauren Eden Lavin
Class of 2001
Helen Adelman Roudi, Sara Brunette Strobel, Jill Bader Thompson, Jordan Moore Vaughan
Class of 2002
Heather Yopp Honeycutt, Megan Hatch McBride
Class of 2003
Ashley Cahill Abbott, McColl Adelman Curtiss, Mary Elizabeth McGinn Davis, Schuyler Moore Lucio, Lindsay Kerrigan Medina, Anna Jirikovec Norton, Alyson Mencio Stevens
Class of 2005
Lauren Aid, Anna Burnett, Clare Osborne Jones, Lindsay Wilson Landman, Sara Moore, Jill Riss, Emily Spalding Sandwith, Jennifer Geny Slice
Class of 2006
Jane-Coleman Harbison Cottone, Leslie May, Sarah Osborne, Ginny Page Parker, Mary Hancock Prevost, Leslie Volz Robertson, Caity Shepherd
Class of 2007
Beth Cragon Beste, Bridget Varley Bock, Holly Edwards, Meghan Clarke Nicholson, Rebekah Pykosh, Taylor Quirk Van Hoose, Lauren Bonau Vaughn
Class of 2008
Elizabeth Geny
Class of 2009
Allie Saxon Noote, Jessica Volz
Class of 2010
Katelyn Miller Bishop
Class of 2011
Alexandra Brink Dickson, Elizabeth Hernard
Class of 2013
Rebecca Conners, Savannah Lyle, Clare Sherlog, Molly Humphreys Teas
Class of 2014
Grace Brink, Eliza Tarwater
Class of 2015
Cecilia Moore
Class of 2018
Grace Regnier
Class of 2019
Mary Catherine Pyburn
Class of 2020
Sarah Davis, Elise Durelli
Class of 2021
Emma Regens, Isabella Thomas
Class of 2022
Anna Huber
Additional Giving Day Supporters
Acrey, Andrews, Bader, Betbeze, Brink, Brue, Bucko, Bush, Carson, Claverie, Conners, Crosslin, Crowell, Donnelly, Elliston, Estopinal, Ferguson, Finley, Furbish, Furlong, Gaffney, George, Hance, Heaston, Horn, Hurst, Keller, Knapper, Le, Levy-Sousan, LoCicero, McKenzie, Pike, Sherlock, Slinger, Sutton, Taber, Talbot, Thompson, Thomas, Tiburcio, Tuggle, Tyrone, Vargas, and Wiese Families

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