The Dominican Tradition

The Dominican tradition rests on the four pillars of prayer, study, community and service.

From its earliest foundations the Dominican Order held study and the pursuit of truth as one of its highest ideals. Eight centuries later, that ideal is still lived in the hearts and minds of the St. Cecilia community. Study for the things of this life and study for the life to come form a focused, joyful environment that provides confidence and a sense of security for the young women who cross its portals year after year.

Every aspect of the life and mission of St. Cecilia Academy finds its origin and goal in faith in God and reliance on divine grace. Created in God’s image, each student possesses an inherent dignity and a vocation to know the truth and love the good.

All faiths are respected at St. Cecilia, and every student is encouraged to develop her own relationship with God. The Dominican presence on campus has a profound effect on our students. Education is the basis of the Dominican heritage, and for over 700 years, the Dominican Sisters have used their teaching skills, along with their gifts of love, patience, and understanding, to educate young minds. Every girl at St. Cecilia benefits from the wisdom and inspiration the Sisters bring to the Academy.

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