Freshmen Senior Week

One of the most memorable experiences at Saint Cecilia as a freshman is when the seniors give you presents for a whole week and they treat you like royalty. But what people don’t know is that one of the senior’s favorite weeks is when the freshmen return the favor. Saint Cecilia has many things that make the school year fun but ask any freshman or senior and they will say their favorite week is Freshman Senior week. After the seniors have welcomed the freshman to the school with their treats and gifts, the freshman say goodbye to the seniors with their college survival kits and sweet treats while keeping their identity a complete secret.

The week begins with ceremonial wrapping of the locker. The freshmen take time out of their schedule to wrap the senior’s locker with their favorite color or pictures and their names. Everyday of the week has a theme to direct the presents that are given that day. This year we had “Me Monday”, “Treat Tuesday”, “Where ever you go Wednesday”, and “Theater Thursday”. On Monday you get presents to pamper yourself like lotion, nail polish, facemasks, and you could receive your favorite candy. Tuesday you received a baked item or multiple baked goods made by you mysterious freshman. Wednesday would be college theme presents, whether it is special college gear pertaining to your specific college or just stationary college essentials. Thursday is movie themed with popcorn, candy and movies.

At the end of the week it is the big reveal. The freshman put a little matching item in your basket so that you can bring it to the reveal lunch to meet each other. At lunch we arrive to provided lunch where we get meet our lovely freshman. Spending the entire lunch eating, mingling and of course taking pictures. We walk away having a new friend and a new person to thank God for.

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