2016-2017 Valedictorian

The following is the announcement made on Honors Evening about SCA's Valedictorian. 

This year’s Valedictorian has the highest GPA of the Class of 2017. But to reduce this student to a number would be a great disservice to her multi-faceted personality. One of her teachers has said, “She is one of the most remarkable students I have taught in my ten years in the classroom. Most notable is her rare combination of simplicity, humility, and exceptional talent, both academically and in the realm of fine arts.” Another teacher commented, “In a class of numerous intellectually gifted students, this student clearly stands on top. Her work is nearly flawless. Coupled with her keen intellect is tenacity, an innate spirit of leadership, and a deep love for learning, as well as a quick wit and a good sense of humor.”

As one who has distinguished herself by her strong work ethic and her willingness to dedicate herself fully to any task, this year’s honoree has contributed a great deal to our community both in and out of the classroom. While at SCA she has been a class Vice President, a member of Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, the National Honor Society, the Student Ambassador Board, and three times has earned acceptance to Mid-State and All-State Choirs. A deep and reflective thinker, she is drawn to Catholic social teaching and is interested in how the Church’s position on women’s issues and moral questions plays out in public policy and international affairs, having twice attended the United Nations Commission on Women to study these questions. Her compassionate heart also finds an outlet in service, and she has given many hours to volunteering with 5th and 6th graders at the W.O. Smith Music School, working in a program that introduces underprivileged students to the arts.

With an overall average of 99.06%, this year’s Valedictorian excels in all areas of academics. But what most of the girls in this school best know her for are her artistic gifts, which are frequently on display, whether in singing, acting, public speaking, or dancing. Her versatility and confidence have allowed her to play all kinds of roles over her four years at SCA, and her stellar voice wows us every time we hear it, whether in Beauty and the Beast or during an opera aria at St. Cecilia Day. But this young lady wears her gifts lightly. She loves to perform but she is not a show-off, recognizing that God is the source of her gifts. Maybe that is the quality that most attracts our notice and that we know will set her up for a bright future with her feet solidly planted on the ground. Although she hasn’t decided on a college yet, she is currently choosing between two top musical theatre programs at Oklahoma City University and Catholic University.

We are happy to congratulate the 2017 Valedictorian,

Miss Zoe Fernando Dongas.

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