2016-2017 Teacher of the Year

The following are the words spoken by Principal Sister Anne Catherine at Honors Evening about the 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year, Sister Cecilia Anne.

This year’s Teacher of the Year demonstrates the mark of a true teacher: she delights in learning and every day relishes in sharing that joy with her students, recognizing that happiness is multiplied when it is shared with others. When you see her going about her business in the halls during the day, you can think she is rather quiet. But when she hits the door of her classroom, she comes alive, full of enthusiasm for a subject with which she has an endless fascination: math! She sees it everywhere—in quadratic equations, in functions and limits, but also in art work, in musical compositions, and in nature. This teacher has been at St. Cecilia for 7 number of years, and thanks to her leadership and initiative, Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society has gained new energy and the Math is 4 Girls Day for middle school students has grown to include nearly 100 girls from schools all over Middle Tennessee. Even AP Music Theory has made a comeback! She has a knack for the sharing the good things happening in her classroom at St. Cecilia with the larger community, and has presented at regional and national teaching conferences in an effort to help other teachers integrate math with daily life. Most of all, however, she creates an encouraging but challenging learning environment where she helps develop students’ confidence in their math abilities, often reminding them, “You are a girl who can do math!”

This teacher can never be accused of being wrapped up only in her own pursuits. A more community-minded colleague you will not find, and she regularly volunteers to sub for sick teachers, chaperone dances and after-school activities, or pitch in behind the scenes, which is probably one of the reasons her peers selected her for this award. Always efficient and industrious, she likes to be busy and loves a challenge. When you give her a project, you know it will be completed with the utmost excellence and attention to detail. But she is never too busy to extend a gentle kindness towards others. She is on the look-out for people who may be having a hard day and discreetly offers them her time and attention.

This year’s school theme is, “To give truth is the greatest charity,” and it is certainly one that embodies our 2017 Teacher of the Year. She loves the truth that she shares with students every day in the classroom, not because it is some nebulous ideal, but because it is the very person to whom she has given her life. When she speaks of math or of music, she lights up, recognizing that, in some small way, she is reflecting the truth and beauty of God Himself.

I am pleased to present the 2017 Teacher of the Year, Sister Cecilia Anne.

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