Playfair wins Wilson Grant Finance Competition

St. Cecilia Academy
SCA freshman and St. Paul Christian Academy alumna, Izzie Playfair, participated in the Wilson Grant Finance class at MBA... 
with over 40 other students over the summer. The students participated in an 8 week stock market competition during the course. Izzie placed first in the class and received her award this week! Izzie was also accepted into the United States Naval Academy summer 2022 STEM program. Her experience allowed her to use military equipment to build and test helicopter rotors, artificial intelligence, agricultural engineering, and so much more. Another fun fact about Izzie is that she is currently pursuing aviation training to obtain her pilot's license when she turns 17. This will put her one step closer to becoming a navy pilot. Visit https://bit.ly/3RnltAZ for a short video of Izzie receiving her award!