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Salutatorian - Rachel Smola

St. Cecilia Academy
Congratulations to Rachel Elizabeth Smola for being named this year’s salutatorian. 
Rachel will leave our school having taken a full schedule of honors and AP classes. She has a GPA of 99.44, but she also finds time to participate in many school activities. She’s a talented musician who has shared her gifts with us in both choir and chamber ensemble performances since her freshman year. She’s also performed extensively with Vanderbilt’s Youth Orchestra Program. We will always remember her best as our devoted president of Sodality. In that role, she led us in prayer each afternoon, hosted our virtual March for Life during Covid, led Wednesday Rosary, helped with the set-up for school Masses, and organized numerous library service projects. In the fall, this gifted young woman of deep and abiding faith will attend the Collegium Sanctorum Angelorum in Maryland, where she plans to study the liberal arts with a focus on sacred music.