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SCA Spotlight Athlete: Libby Gilliland '23

St Cecilia Academy
The Scarab Nation Spotlight Athlete is Libby Gilliland '23.
Libby is a sophomore and starting guard on the varsity basketball team.  When asked Libby, head coach, Brian Heming said, “Libby has become a leader on the team verbally and by example.  She always gives 100% and is eager to grow from her mistakes.  Libby wants to take on the tough challenges that help the team become successful.”  We sat down with Libby to find out what makes her such a special player and teammate. 
Question:  How long have you been playing this sport?
Answer:  I have been playing since I was 9.
Question:  What do you love most about this sport?
Answer:  I love my team and competing. 
Question:  Who is your biggest rival?
Answer:  Probably Harpeth Hall.
Question:  Do you have any pregame rituals or traditions?
Answer:  Coach Taylor always gives us a pregame talk to hype us up. 
Question:  Do you have plans to compete collegiately?
Answer:  No. 
Question:  How close are you all as a team?
Answer:  Very close.  I am with them more than my own family. 
Question:  What are your goals for this season?
Answer:  To improve from last year, to always be working to get better. 
Question:  What do you attribute your success to?
Answer:  Hard work, great coaching, and supportive teammates. 
Question:  What is your favorite TV show?
Answer:  Law and Order, SVU
Question:  What is the top song on your playlist right now?
Answer:  Anything on Morgan Wallen’s latest album, Dangerous. 
Question:  What is your favorite snack food?
Answer:  Baked Lays
Question:  What is your favorite pre-game meal?
Answer:  Chick-Fil-A
Question:  If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
Answer:  Morgan Wallen.
Question:  What do you love most about being a Scarab?
Answer:  The community!  Everyone is so nice here.