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Maggie Sheehan ’21 Attends Virtual Governor’s School for the Arts
Rising senior Maggie Sheehan applied to this year’s highly selective Governor’s Schools for the Arts (GSFTA) for vocal performance. Maggie applied because “I hoped to learn how to improve my voice from the professionals who would be there.” A typical day of virtual Governor’s School began with a studio class where students sang songs from their repertoire, or a master class, where various professional artists shared their stories and guidance on how to “make it in the music business.”
After the morning studio or masters course, Maggie would then attend her first elective class, “I had opera class which is where I would work with my group in writing our opera, The Curse of Jolatar.” Maggie’s opera course rotated every three days with voice lessons, before attending her third course and final elective of the day. While Governor’s School for the Arts was officially done for the day, Maggie was happy to report that “my opera friends and I would usually have a zoom meeting to work on our project after we finished our classes.” Her favorite topic was Opera and Career Development, “both were very helpful and broadened my knowledge. . . Career Development and Voice lessons helped me get a better picture on what I wanted my career path in the future to be like. It also helped me learn what my voice might sound like in a few years.”
As far as the experience of singing online is concerned, Maggie says, “It was different than I expected but I met some amazing people and learned a lot about the music business and my voice.” She continues, “It was still an amazing experience and I intend to hold onto the friendships I have made.” To her fellow classmates at SCA, she says, “It was a great decision to apply and I encourage others to do so. Hopefully their experience will be as good as mine was.”