Athlete Awards

    • Athlete Awards

Congratulations to the 2019 - 2020 SCA Athletes. You can view the list of those recognized below and also view the video announcement of the top athlete awards. Go Scarabs!
Cross Country
Runner of the Year - Shelby Mryncza
Those Who Serve - Jordan Schrage
Will to Win - Ashley Albright
Player of the Year - Cate Goodrum
Those Who Serve - Caroline Lee
Will to Win - Olivia Grytza
Golfer of the Year - Annie Lee
Those Who Serve - Elly Pease
Will To Win - Kyla Bursey
Player of the Year - Aileen Zavala
Will To Win - Ann Marie Galassini
Those Who Serve - Adrianne Glover
JV Volleyball 
Player of the Year - Susanna Donnelly
Will To Win - Megan Cain
Those Who Serve - Bailey Meacham
Player of the Year - Cate Goodrum
Will To Win - Sarah Davis
Those Who Serve - Rosie Robinson
JV Basketball
Player of the Year - Jessica Epstein
Will To Win - Libby Gilliland
Those Who Serve - Izzy Tiamson
Swimmer of the Year - Hannah Neilsen
Will To Win - Margaret Gilles
Those Who Serve - Schuyler Nunnally
Bowler of the Year - Katelyn Pinkston
Will to Win - Katherine Armero
Those Who Serve - Janay Griffin
Player of the Year - Anna Regnier
Will To Win - Nora Doyle
Those Who Serve - Ella Martini
JV Lacrosse
Player of the Year - Naomi Numbers
Will To Win - Gabrielle Brault
Those Who Serve - Indigo Pyles
Track and Field
Those Who Serve - Helen Anderson
Will To Win - Shelby Mryncza
Will To Win - Rosie Robinson
Those Who Serve - Adrianne Glover
Those Who Serve - Jayla Williams-Ridley
Those Who Serve - Alyssa Schrage
Player of the Year - Darby Carr
Will To Win - Caroline Boult
Those Who Serve - Meg McGee 
JV Tennis
Player of the Year - Chase Mills
Will To Win - Dottie Eastwood
Those Who Serve - Mary Jean Moles