2020-2021 Athlete Awards

    • Athlete Awards

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 SCA Athletes. You can view the list of those recognized below and also view the video announcement of all the athlete awards. Go Scarabs!

4 Year Athletes

The first award we are handing out today is the 4-year participation blanket.  These blankets are a gift to our seniors who have participated in a sport or sports for the four years they have attended St Cecilia Academy.
Ashley Cain - Lacrosse
Victoria Donato - Soccer, Track and Field
Susan Forrest - Swimming, Tennis
Lillian Hertzog - Bowling
Katie Kaiser - Track and Field
Anna Kopf - Tennis
Macy Kosinski - Volleyball, Basketball, Softball
Annie Lee - Golf
Mary Jean Moles - Tennis
Tawonga Mzumara - Track and Field
Hannah Neilsen - Swimming
Emma Regens - Volleyball
Allie O’Brien - Cross Country, Track and Field L
ily Sparkman - Swimming
Isabella Thomas - Swimming
Olivia Zimberg - Tennis

Those Who Serve Award

This award is directed toward God-like quality of patient acceptance of one’s station in life. This would go to a player, who never misses practice, always early for practice, voluntarily helps with gear before and after practice, doesn’t complain, is a cheerleader at all times, encourages her teammates, assists coaches.
The recipients of the Those Who Serve Award are:
Cross Country - Ivy Bette Brothers
Soccer - Maia Lowen
JV Volleyball - Bailey Meacham
Varsity Volleyball - Emma Regens
Swimming - Anne Marie Terry
JV Basketball - Grace McMillen
Varsity Basketball - Macy Kosinski
Bowling - Katelyn Pinkston
JV Tennis - Asiyah Pykosh
Track and Field - Grace McMillen
JV Lacrosse - Anna Donnelly
Varsity Lacrosse - Crystal Chon
Softball - Emillie Cox

Will to Win Award

This award addresses commitment; a player that is seriously practicing her skills before and after practice, or practicing skills on her own time on weekends and holidays, asking a coach to stay after practice to help her improve, employing a skills coach, attend college-level games in her sport to learn skills and moves, and scouts the opposition.
The recipients of the Will to Win Award are: 
Cross Country - Cindy Nguyen
Soccer - Gabrielle Brault
Golf - Anna Huber
JV Volleyball - Nora Doyle
JV Volleyball - Madison Murphy
Varsity Volleyball - Edie Powell
Varsity Volleyball - Macy Kosinski
Swimming - Katherine Moore
JV Basketball - Jordan Epstein
JV Basketball - Ellie Eden
Varsity Basketball - Libby Gilliland
JV Tennis - Madden Hansen
Track and Field - Emery Hart
JV Lacrosse - Maysen Young
Varsity Lacrosse - Nora Doyle
Softball - Gracen Mondelli

Player of the Year Awards

Player of the Year Award. 
This award recognizes the most outstanding talent and athletic achievement, She is a leader and represents excellent skills in her particular sport.  This player led the team statistically.  It is extended to the athlete that the team simply can’t do without. 
The recipients of the Player of the Year Award are:
Cross Country - Chloe Crosslin
Soccer - Kendall St. Charles
Golf - Annie Lee
Swimming - Hannah Neilsen
Basketball - Emma Galassini
Bowling - Anna Donnelly
JV Tennis - Shyma Alshari
Varsity Tennis - Anna Kopf
VarsityTennis - Olivia Zimberg
Varsity Tennis - Susan Forrest
Track and Field - Chloe Crosslin
JV Lacrosse - Lily Parsons
Varsity Lacrosse - Susanna Donnelly
Softball - Macy Kosinski

Good Shepard Award

SCA Athletic Awards The Good Shepard Award This award is selected from a group of people that are often overlooked when it comes to high school athletics, the parents of our athletes. This year the award goes to a set of ever-present parents in athletics, and they make the coaches' lives easier. Always willing to volunteer their time and offer a supportive voice. Your kindness, generosity, and willingness to help out at a moment's notice do not go unappreciated.
The Good Shepard Award goes to Sunny and Harold Donnelly. Thank you for being such a kind and helpful presence in the athletics program.

Megan Whaley Athlete of the Year Award

Megan Whaley Athlete of the Year
Each year one student is named Athlete of the Year to recognize her outstanding performance, leadership, and dedication to St. Cecilia Academy's athletics program. The award is named in memory of Megan Elizabeth Whaley, a recipient of the Athlete of the Year award in 2002.
The selection process for this year's Megan Whaley Athlete of the Year was not an easy one. Not only do we have quite a collection of high-caliber athletes, but we have a collection of student-athletes whose leadership, teamwork, and personality mirror the Megan Whaley that we hear about from so many.
This year's winner has participated in multiple sports. She demands excellence of herself both in the classroom and in competition. She leads by example and is the first to arrive and the last one to leave at both practices and competitions. She is a loyal teammate, friend, and carries herself with dignity and respect. In this era of athletic specialization, this awardee managed to play three sports at SCA and excel at all of them.
It has truly been a pleasure to watch this young lady grow during her time here at SCA. Her tenacious grit and determination are always evident when she takes the field or court. Her career is marked by valued friendships, mentorship, and supportive teamwork. When I asked one of her coaches about her, she said, "She was the model of a perfect team player. She switched positions on the court because that was what the team needed at the time. She is a very hard worker, always led the team with kindness, and used her experience and passion to motivate and push her teammates to be better."
You can always count on her to lay it all on the line and give everything she has to succeed. This Athlete truly embodies what it means to be a St. Cecilia athlete. The winner of the Megan Whaley Athlete of the Year Award for 2020-2021 is Macy Kosinski!

Pier Georgio Frassati Award for Academic Excellence

The Pier Georgio Frassati Award for Academic Excellence. 

The Frassati Award goes to the team with the highest overall collective GPA. This award is inspired by Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, a young Dominican saint. He was known for his remarkable balance. A gifted athlete, he also worked hard in school and was a virtuous team player. He encouraged his friends to strive "Towards the heights," a motto that inspires the team members to push each other to mutual excellence, not only in their sport but also in dedication to their studies.
The discipline and dedication necessary to excel on the field often carry over into the classroom, creating a more well-rounded, balanced, focused student.  Congratulations, ladies and thank you for all your hard work in and out of the classroom. 
This year's Frassati Award goes to a team with an impressive average GPA of 95.97. Congratulations to the Golf team. We have inscribed your team on the Frassati Cup, and it will be on display in the trophy case for years to come. 

Scholar Athlete Award

The Scholar Athlete of the Year award is presented to the junior or senior student-athlete with the highest overall GPA. She is a student who exhibits skill in her sports and continues to excel in the classroom.  In addition, she must have participated in at least two athletic programs during the current academic year. 
This year’s Scholar Athlete has involved herself in a very challenging academic workload.  She is taking three AP classes this year, AP English, AP US History, and AP Biology, and serving as an Ambassador, the Student Council Representative for the rising senior class, and a member of the National Honor Society.  This alone is quite an impressive collection of activities. Still, when you consider that she is a starter on the varsity volleyball and varsity tennis teams, it becomes even more outstanding that she can do it all so well.  
The 2020-2021 Scholar Athlete of the Year is Isabel Leonard

Collegiate Athletes

Two members of the Scarab Nation, Annie Lee and Hannah Neilsen, have a very exciting future. 
This fall, Annie will attend Christian Brothers University, where she will join the golf team, and Hannah will attend Boston College, where she will be joining the Swimming team. Congratulations, ladies, on such an honor and good luck in the next four years. We forward to following both your careers at the next level.

Special Recognition

Gussie Miller and Kate Miller have both been selected, from applicants across the country, to attend the Olympic Development Camp for Rowing this summer.  We recognize both of you for your tireless efforts, dedication, and intense work ethic. Good luck ladies and thank you for representing the Scarab Nation so well.