Alumnae of the Year

Noel Pittman Bradley, a 2001 graduate of  St. Cecilia Academy, is the 2023 SCA Alumna of the Year. Noel is a Client Success Manager with TeleSpecialists and has worked tirelessly in hospitals across the country. In her faith life, Noel shares her beautiful God-given (and SCA-perfected) voice as a Mass cantor throughout Nashville. Noel has served St. Cecilia Academy in multiple ways over the years, including being an admissions office volunteer and helping the school on various committees. As one fellow alumna noted in nominating Noel, “Noel is a shining star – a woman of faith, community, and happiness.”  St. Cecilia Academy is proud to call Noel a St. Cecilia Girl and looks forward to honoring her for her commitment and love for SCA.

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  • Requirements for Nomination

    • Alumna service and commitment includes, but is not limited to, involvement with the school as an advocate, volunteer, benefactor, alumnae association volunteer, faculty or staff member or coach.
    • Leadership and outstanding service in her family, faith, community, vocation, or profession, and in doing so is an inspiration for others.