New Students

Welcome to St. Cecilia Academy!

A legacy of educating young women that is nearly 160 years strong.
Scheduling Philosophy

To ensure continuity of our mission for educating young women, curation of a St. Cecilia girl's class schedule is both timely and meaningful. Our intentional, common sense approach to our girls' four year academic career at St. Cecilia Academy cultivates a desire for lifelong learning and develops servant leaders. Our thoughtful process prepares girls for academic success both at St. Cecilia Academy and life beyond the Dominican campus. 

Scheduling Process

Once accepted to St. Cecilia Academy, new students sit for Placement Tests in the following subject areas:

  • Math
  • Computer Science*
  • English 
  • Foreign Language*
* Optional Placement Tests

Consideration of the following resources: 

  • Review of Transcripts
  • Review of Math and English Teacher Recommendations
  • Review of ISEE Scores
  • Review of each St. Cecilia Academy Placement Test 
  • New Family Meeting 
    • The Department of Academics meets with each new family to ensure our students choose classes individually tailored to their gifts with an appropriate level of challenge. 


Welcome to St. Cecilia Academy!

Congratulations! As you join a nearly 160 year-old legacy of educating young women, St. Cecilia Academy encourages you to learn more about all of its special events and rich traditions by perusing the New Family Welcome Guide.  

Important Dates for New Families:

  • New Family Welcome Night - March 26
  • Class of 2024 Placement Tests - April 1
  • Freshmen Overnight - August 2020

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