Senior Advice to their Freshmen Selves

This year seniors were asked a few ‘thought-provoking questions. When asked what they have learned over the 4 years, many decided it was that make-up and brushing your hair is overrated and that grades are not the be-end-all. They were also asked what advice they would give their freshmen selves. Some seniors made theirs funny, others more serious. Some girls decided to think about what they would tell their freshmen selves socially, like picking friends wisely, getting out more, joining activities, not being afraid to try new activities, or cherishing your friends. Other girls give themselves academic advice, which was usually not to stress so much. The range of possibilities of advice that girls could give their freshman selves was fun to discuss amongst ourselves. You can forget that some people were very shy and awkward their first week as freshmen and would never believe it about others if you had not seen it for yourself!!

It is nice to be able to reflect on the past and realize something you would do differently but it is not bad to do realize what you did in the past was not the best decision, because through them you have been able to grow as a student and as a woman. This is also a great way to give underclassmen advice through your own experiences. They can learn what you would change but then it is up to them whether to take it or not. They can choose to make their own mistake and choices. Personally I think is nice thinking about my freshman self because I can get a giggle out of it, but I also get to see how I have grown and changed over time, and that makes me happy and proud of myself.

Posted by srbernadette in St. Cecilia Academy, Student Life, SCA Traditions on Wednesday May, 3, 2017

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