Senior Privileges

Every school has a different way of showcasing their seniors, and Saint Cecilia is no exception. You can always point out who is a senior and who is not, whether it is because of the saddle oxfords with crazy colorful ribbons, or the bright yellow sweater. If you cannot tell from their physical appearance you can tell by their location in the morning, or at lunch. Alumni Hall, in the morning, is senior only territory. At lunch you will not find any yellow sweaters in the crowded lunch room you will find the on the couches, if its raining or if its cold, or you will find then outside enjoying the beautiful weather in the courtyard.

At Saint Cecilia every first Friday we adore the blessed sacrament in adoration and, the seniors get to come to school out of uniform, another wonderful perk. The senior lounge is one of the senior’s favorite privileges. This room is located next to the gym door, and is where most of the seniors spend their free time. The senior lounge is decorated every year at the beginning of the year by the incoming seniors. Throughout the year you see the college theme start to come out, this year we have a board dedicated to college announcements where each senior can put up the name and mascot the university that they will be attending next fall. Also found in the senior lounge are pictures of the fun times the senior class has had the last four years at Saint Cecilia.

As it all comes to an end and the days seem to go by faster the seniors begin to realize that there time at the school is coming to a close. They appreciate the little things a lot more than they did at the beginning of the year. The senior events start to pile up on us, the out of uniform days become more and more frequent, and then you just stop wearing the kilt all together. Before you know it it’s going to be time to say goodbye to it all, friends, teachers, and places; and then they all become wonderful memories.

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