St. Cecilia Academy of the Dominican Campus
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Our Philosophy of Fine Arts

In honor of our patroness, St. Cecilia, the fine arts program strives to embody St. Cecilia's love for the fine arts and for God. Starting with the freshman year, the students begin developing an appreciation for the arts. All freshmen get first hand experience with drama, dance and art, and they may also elect to take chorus or chamber ensemble. A key intention of St. Cecilia Academy's fine arts program comes from Constantine Stanislavski, who encouraged his students to "love art in yourself and not yourself in art." In keeping with this philosophy, the different artistic areas stress the idea that discipline is a positive and necessary word, particularly within the fine arts. By the end of their freshman year, students have come to fruition and have blossomed in their talents.

After the freshman year, many students opt to take advanced classes in the arts. Within these classes, students become more analytical in critiquing individual work, as well as the works of fellow classmates and the works of great artists. The fine arts programs emphasize the belief that each student has limitless possibilities in understanding history and its relation to the arts, in applying the techniques learned to hands-on projects, and in recognizing the dedication to excellence that the fine arts demand.

As the SCA artists hurry to complete a portfolio for Studio Art AP, to learn the last harmonies for a choral competition, to perfect ensemble performances for play productions, or to tighten the formations for a dance performance, St. Cecilia remains a palpable inspiration in modern times.

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