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Welcome to St. Cecilia Academy

I want to welcome you to St. Cecilia Academy and invite you to explore our website in order to come to know "the SCA difference." Since 1860 St. Cecilia has been a place where young women have flourished and developed into the young leaders God was calling them to be. St. Cecilia Academy, a Catholic, all-girls, college-preparatory high school, has especially developed its program to simultaneously challenge and nurture girls to become confident, articulate young women of faith. Our school community is built on the foundation of the absolute belief in the dignity of each member, who is made in the image of God. This allows us to recognize the potential that lies within each student who walks through our doors and guide that student over the course of four years to develop her gifts and talents in order to flourish into a unique individual.

St. Cecilia has a proven tradition of strong academics, an essential element for challenging young people to grow. Year after year, students at St. Cecilia Academy are named National Merit Scholars and Commendees, accepted into Governor's School, and accepted to Girl's-State. The St. Cecilia Academy Science Olympiad Team has consistently excelled in regional competition and traveled to the state level competition. Every year, St. Cecilia graduates are accepted to top tier colleges and universities. Most recently, the Class of 2012 garnered $9.4 million in scholarships.

Our single-sex, smaller school environment obviously allows all of our student leaders to be girls, but our size also allows a high percentage of our students to serve in leadership positions through extra-curricular activities and athletics. Our coaches lead our student athletes to focus on character, self-discipline, and teamwork - the highest ideals that athletics can form in young people. This prepares them well to lead in settings outside of the school such as the Nashville Youth Council, and the Diocesan youth retreat program.

Our students' confidence is on display each fall and spring in our first rate theater productions. On the way into the theater, many visitors stop to see our students' artwork on display in the student art gallery. On any given school day a visitor could observe not only art and drama classes, but photography and dance classes as well.

What makes the “St. Cecilia Difference”? It is the dedicated faculty and staff, with 73% holding advanced degrees and 17% of our faculty holding doctoral degrees. Together, the faculty and staff create a space at St. Cecilia where young women can grow in self-knowledge, which is the source of authentic self-confidence. Here young women can explore academic questions to their Ultimate Source without the distractions and pressures often associated with the high school years. St. Cecilia is the ultimate place for a young woman between the ages of 13-17 to develop friendships that often last for a lifetime, and to grow into the confident, happy person God created her to be. It is the place for the young women of Nashville. It is the St. Cecilia Difference.

Come explore the difference for yourself through this web site or through a visit to our school. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you, as a perspective student, parent, or friend of the school.

In Christ,

Sister Anne Catherine, O.P.
Principal, St. Cecilia Academy

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