St. Cecilia Academy of the Dominican Campus
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Our Mission

It is St. Cecilia Academy's mission to prepare young women to meet the challenges of modern life, to contribute in a positive way to the society in which they live, and to extend to students of all faiths the principles of Christian life in the Roman Catholic tradition.

In order to carry out this mission, the faculty and staff are committed to:

  • Providing an environment which enables each student to grow in her life of faith
  • Providing a college preparatory curriculum, capably taught, motivating each student to individual excellence
  • Encouraging each student to attain true self-knowledge and a valid sense of self-worth as one created by God in His image
  • Providing a comprehensive program of physical education and co-curricular activities, which promote physical and social well-being
  • Providing opportunities in the creative arts through which each student can develop her individual talents and can learn to appreciate her own heritage and the tradition of other cultures
  • Providing a comprehensive and supportive counseling program through which each student may realize her full potential and may come to know her responsibility to society
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